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As an expert in the industry, we continuously strive to innovate, further improve and refine our products to ensure our products provide the best performance and offers the highest degree of comfort to patients while in use.

At Uro Technology, rest assured you will have a wide range of options to select that will cater for your requirements:  

  • Comprehensive range of intermittent, indwelling for short term and long term
  • Reinforced catheters for post-operative requirements
  • Made from biocompatible latex with siliconised finishing or silicone elastomer coating
  • Drainage eyes and tip configuration designed to meet medical profession requirements.
  • Inclusive range of catheter types, sizes and balloons
  • Various sizes differentiated by colour code

One Way Catheter

Red urethral intermittent catheter with stiff shaft to ease insertion.

Two Way Catheter

Short term indwelling catheter with siliconised finishing to maximise patient’s comfort.

Three Way Catheter

Our 3 way siliconised coated catheter is designed specifically for efficient irrigation drainage.

Post Operative Reinforced Catheter

State-of-the-art tip configuration includes Nelaton, Couvelaire, Dufour, Mercier and Frohmuller designed to meet even the most rigid medical requirements.

Two Way Reinforced

Three Way Reinforced

Long Term Catheter

Our long term catheter’s shafts are coated with silicone elastomer to increase durability to withstand the test of time.

Two Way

Three Way